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It all started with a branch and soap.

"Stick" with me.

In September of 2001, my husband and I were invited to stay in a cabin on top of Bald Mountain in Asheville North Carolina. The first evening we were in the cabin, sitting by the fire, I noticed a book on the coffee table. That book told the story of the Appalachian settlers and their traditions and as I flipped through it, I couldn’t stop thinking about the tradition of crafting handmade soap. They mixed lard and lye together with sassafras branches to impart a natural bug repellant, as anyone who has spent time in Appalachia during the summer can tell you, bug repellant is incredibly necessary.

Around the same time in my life, a number of family members began struggling with health problems and I was spending a great deal of time researching the causes behind them. As I read more about the topic, I began to learn about the dangers of chemicals in our body and I began to realize that one of the main sources of foreign chemicals being introduced to our bodies was the body care products we use. The largest organ on our body is our skin, so it only makes sense that what we put on our skin impacts the health of our entire body.

It wasn’t long after I made that discovery that I began a journey to try and replicate that additive-free soap the Appalachian settlers of long ago had described. Suffice it to say, it wasn’t an easy process. Have you ever tried to find Sassafras branches before? Let me tell you, it’s not easy. After looking all over the mountains we finally found the famous Sassafras tree and took a few branches. It smelled wonderful, like root beer. I decided to just make my first batch of soap. We made soap alright, but it was hard, and it smelled terrible.

After a number of false starts, a sassafras stick, a power drill (to speed up the process) and one ruined stove (sorry, Matt), I remained determined to make soap. I stopped using animal products, started researching, experimenting, tryingdifferent raw materials, recipes and mixing equipment. Over time, I managed to find the perfect balance.

My friends and family loved the soaps I was making and the requests for new kinds of soap started to flood in. It was about this time that the idea of turning what was a hobby into my full-time job began to take root and in 2009, Sassa Bella was born.


Our son was born early in 2010 and spent 13 days in the NICU. He was bathed and moisturized with products containing ingredients that didn't meet our standards. We couldn't find products that met our standards, so we created our own and that became the beginning of our skin care line.

Every product on our site has a story and was created for someone. We've created our products with purpose! They are for you, your friends and family, our farmers and our planet. When you use our products you are joining our cause and supporting our mission to change the world one skin care product at a time.

We look forward to sharing the next years with you. And hope you love all of the new products coming your way!