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See Yourself as Beautiful

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At Sassa Bella, our wish for all of our clients family and friends is to have a wonderful Christmas, New Year's and 2015.

My vision for 2015 would be that each person feels a sense of renewal as well as a love that's totally unconditional with true peace and joy.

Cleaning House Emotionally

As we come upon the end of 2014 and embark on the journey into the new year I find myself doing a fair amount of housecleaning that seems to always be part of the preparation for those family gatherings and other get-togethers. As I prepare for all those fun holiday dinners, games and parties,  I reflect on the new year being a great time to 'houseclean' the immaterial - or rinse clean the old patterns I may have been practicing that weren't serving me well.

As I look into what I might do to be gentler on myself I examine some of my impetus for making these all natural, friendly in so many ways, products for all of my customers and clients. I make them for us all to have better choices that are sustainable and healthy in every aspect. And as you use them my hope is that you caress your own good intentions, emotionally and physically as you spread lotion on or work soap into a lather on your skin. Be kind to yourself too. Celebrate what's right with who you are. Yes, strive to be an even better version of yourself for 2015, but know that who you are is beautiful as is.

My Christmas wish is to have everybody to take a second to reflect on themselves as a person. A gift we can give ourselves that doesn't cost a thing!  It is a gift of unconditionally loving ourselves! This gift starts in our mind and we can always do a little housecleaning there.

Please, take a moment and hug yourself! Look in the mirror and point out every beautiful thing about your body. And be kind with your thoughts. Believe you are wonderful!

The Four Agreements

I have been inspired by an amazing book called "The Four Agreements" that has helped me personally and is forming a solid basis for the year ahead. Written by Don Miguel Ruiz a Mexican author who is a shamanic teacher who practices good will using a beautifully simple four step guide.

The book is a beautiful instruction guide to achieve a life of freedom and happiness

The Four Agreements are very simple, but very profound. 

They are:

  • Be Impeccable With Your Words
  • Don't Take Anything Personally
  • Don't Make Assumptions
  • Always Do Your Best

Aren't these profound? I'm going to work on practicing each one of these regularly in the coming year. I encourage you to do the same. Matter of fact, buy yourself this book and as you progress with your own embracing of these simple but oh, so powerful practices, check and tell me what you think!

By email or on our Facebook page. I will love hearing from you!

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